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Project Leader

Game Designer

A self taught game dev with a passion for game design. He's an idea maker of the team. Most things (including the story) first came from him.


He also takes care of things like project management, finances and PR (read: Things no one else wants to do) and  tries to be as friendly as a socially awkward internet dweeb can be.


Hopes to one day become a fully experienced game developer.


Art Leader

PR Artist

Polish Translator

A good spirit of the project. Taking care of the visual side of the game, projecting early concepts of environment and character designs.


She is also responsible for Public Relations such as Social Media, advertisement or eventual sponsorship. Specialist of hopeless situations spreading a smile even in a rainy days.


A helping hand for things that have to be done for yesterday.


Concept Artist

Environment Artist

Video Editor

Your friendly concept artist that is contributing to the level's backgrounds and layouts. She is here to help put the first set of paint on ideas for level design.


Character Artist

Prop Artist

Weapon Artist

Cayfie works closely alongside the team, assisting in not only vectoring assets, but maintaining updates on Amino.

Odessa Price

Concept Artist

Character Artist

An artist with a love science, fantasy, and video games, she's dedicated her life to bringing characters and creatures to life.





I breathe life into characters by telling them how to move. A programmer that enjoys working on character controllers and gameplay mechanics. Overbeaing blast of energy and stubborn stickler for correctness and structure. Unicorn specializing in shield and portal magic.




Spanish Translator

A 24-years Argentinian just graduated Game Development (Image Campus) who is entering to the Videogame Industry. Looking forward to learn more and make awesome games!

Oliver Smith

Sound Designer

Audio Engineer

Sound designer focused on games and animation. I love collaborating and I'm passionate about helping people tell their stories with sound. Often found braving the wilderness while field recording for new projects. In my spare time I'm trying to master the origami unicorn.





From Classical and Historical Music, to Electronica and Improvised Music, Violinist and Pianist: Andrew Sherwin, Robert McFadzean Whyte Award Holder, performs, composes, and produces in a multitude of different styles and genres. The former Principal Violinist of the Chetham's Concert Orchestra has played at many of the UK's leading venues and festivals, including the Royal Festival Hall, Bridgewater Hall, Wigmore Hall, the Cheltenham Music Festival, Lichfield Music Festival, and Aberystwyth MusicFest to name a few.


Recently Andrew has been fortunate enough to play at La Mortella on the isle of Ischia, residence of the great Sir William Walton, and also to play in collaboration with the Barratt Due Musikkinstitutt in Oslo with the Koc Quartet.


Andrew currently studies at the Royal College of Music with Pr. of violin Detlef Hahn, and Pr. of Jazz Violin and Viola Chris Garrick. He plays on a George Craske violin, courtesy of the Benslow Music Instrument Loan Scheme.





I'm a 24-year acoustic musician who writes story-driven songs, and I enjoy sharing my music with everyone. I mostly write acoustic pop and singer/songwriter music, but I'm also trying to improve with more orchestral works and ambient pieces.





20-year old musician from Nottingham, UK. I enjoy making Drum & Bass, but recently broadened out into making more ambient music!


French Translator

Prop Artist


Hobbyist brony artist from the south of France. Our little French translator is always ready to help wherever he can, would it be PR, assets designing or pure advices, if he was available in the first place...


PS : Have a tendency to put spaces before and after marks like a good French he is !




My name is UndreamedPanic, and music has been my life ever since I was a small child. I've been playing guitar since I was 6 and making music since I was 12. I am currently working on finally getting my PhD and Masters in music.


Spine Animator

Rough Animator

I’m 2D game artist and animator. I'm not a brony, I'm magician blue cat. I'm quite modern: no magical boilers and frog legs, for my witchcraft I use flash and spine. To breathe life into an asset? Making the monster move? Cast a fireball? This is for me! Welcome! Mua-ha-ha.



We create graphics and animation for games.

Other Contributors


Greek Translator


German Translator | PR


Chinese Translator


Hungarian Translator


Italian Translator

We translate terribly and in a peculiar way.




Russian PR | Translators

Faux Synder



Portuguese Translator


 Korean Translator

Lord Chandos

Chinese Translator


Chinese Translator

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