Join us

Do you want to join the Exiled Game Team and help us with this project?

That’s great!


We are always happy to welcome new talented people who

can help us make this game into a reality.


However, this is NOT voluntary work. You will be paid for your hard work.

This also means we’ll be expecting you to be at least „good” at what you do.


Don’t let this discourage you though. We take every application into consideration. : )

To apply send us an email.


Global Requirements

• Ability to work in a team.

• Acceptable amount of time to spare (depends on the position).

• Able to speak English.

• A portfolio with examples of your work.


- At least basic experience in Game Design

- Ability of creating proper level layouts of platforming games

Level Designer

You'll be working on creating level layouts. That's a job that's actually much less focused
on Graphics & models and more on gameplay and level features. That means you have to have a somewhat good knowlege on Game Design as well.




- Basic knowledge of Unity Engine
- Intermediate knowledge of Illustrator
- Ability to craft pleasantly looking levels that meet the standards of the game
- Experience in creating vector assets

Level Artist

You'll have to work together with a Level Designer and use Raw levels to create finished ones with all the models and graphics.
For the most part you won't have to prepare individual assets but will still need Illustrator experience to create basic assets such as ground or walls.
However, ability to create vector assets yourself is also welcome.




- Knowlege of Web Design

- Experience in Adobe Muse

- Ability to code your own website that's up to the standard.

Web Designer

You will become a care taker of this very website you're viewing.

We currently use Adobe Muse to manage our website so we're interested in someone having acceptable experience in that program.
However, we do consider remaking a website in our own code so we'd be interested in that as well. Do keep in mind though that it would require a standard of at least being able to faithfully recreate this website and being able to upgrade it further if needed.



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