What engine does the game run on?


When will the game be released?

We prefer to not give ETAs that we're not sure about. We'll be sure to let everyone know once we have a definitive release date.

Will the game be free? If not, how much will it cost?

The game will not be free. The price isn't decided yet but we're thinking of something around $10. Although it might change in the future.


However, everyone who donated more than the game's price will receive a copy for free.

Does this game have multiplayer? What about co-op?

The game will only include single player.

Is this gonna be a LIMBO rip-off? Will this game play the same as Ori and the Blind Forest?

It's true that these games are a big inspiration for us. But they're not templates.


SfL in the end will play much different. There might be a couple similarities. But that's it.

Will this game be released in other languages?

Absolutely. For now we are working on the English version, but there will be a localization for other languages as well.

Will you try to get your game on Steam greenlight?

There is no more Steam greenlight. It's been replaced by Steam Direct.

We do plan to get our game onto steam eventually.

Won't you get C&D?

Our game isn't using any copyrighted material. Everything including story, characters and assets are fully original.

Won't your project just drop dead like many others?

True, it's a common thing in projects like these.


However, we try to learn on others mistakes and make sure that our game will live long enough to see its release. We have a steady plan and so far everything has been going according to it.


The whole team is confident that we'll stay alive.

Will this game have a gamepad support?

It will have the support for Xbox 360/One controller and Steam Controller.

Do you plan to release on macOS?

We plan to release the game on that systems.

Do you plan to release on consoles?

Depending on the demand and how well the game sells, we might release our game on Xbox One and PS4.

Do you plan to release on mobiles?

We currently have no plans for a mobile release.

Will the game run on my good old Windows XP?

You can try, but Unity 5.6 doesn't have Windows XP support. It will only run on Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10.

Are you guys fans of MLP?

No way, those bronies are weirdos. We should exile them all.

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