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The Game

Starved for Light is a fan-made game inspired by the TV show „My Little Pony: Friendship is magic” and game titles such as Limbo and Ori and the Blind Forest.

We aim to create an enjoyable platformer that at the same time keeps the player interested with a deep storyline.

During this adventure you’ll be able to take control of one of the sisters, our main characters in this story.


Iris takes advantage of her small size and cleverness. She isn’t good at using brute strength but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t able to take care of herself. The world might be a dangerous place for her but she’ll find a way to survive in it.


Lily is a fighter. Her strength and agility make her capable of facing anything that stands in her way. She isn’t used to running away or hiding and prefers to face dangers head on. Of course, this kind of recklessness can often put her in trouble. However, if it’s to protect her sister, she’ll do anything she has to do.


Starved for Light is a game that will put you through the adventure. Hopefully you’ll make it through.


The History

The game went through so much design work that the first concept of it is barely comparable to what we have today.

It started as a simple idea. We thought that SiMonk0’s artstyle would work great in a video game. It was simple, yet visually appealing. High quality, yet resource-efficient.

In a word, perfect.

One of SiMonk0’s old artworks (not game related).

Old logo of InDev version.

The decision was made. We began working on the game.

We started with the concept. The story, characters, mechanics, the world. We needed to have a concrete design of our game. Many ideas were thrown out and those that we kept, we were continuing to refine.

Eventually we started working on some prototypes in Unity, trying to make sure our game is actually going somewhere.


At that point, we knew we had to seriously think about starting a team and naming our game.

That was a rather a difficult thing for us. I mean, the name of the game is something that stays forever. You can’t change it later. Or at least you shouldn’t. It was an important decision!


There were few names we were considering.

- Nightmare Night (didn’t make it for obvious reason)

- The longest Night

- A New Night


Ironically the name that made it didn’t have a „Night” in it. We decided that Starved for Light was the name we wanted. It may seem like a confusing name. Although considering what the story is about, it’s more accurate than anything else. After that, well. Our history is still being made. Let’s hope we’ll be able to write something more here one day.

The newest logo as of now.

Exiled Game Team

We were only two people at the beginning. We were developing this game in secret for a while. It was never an option to just show up with concept and nothing to show.



Eventually we knew we need to form a team if we’re going to announce this project. There were a lot of ideas we had but in the end we decided to call ourselves Exiled Game Team.

Today, this team has multiplied in size. We have many talented people working with us. People that want to bring this project to reality.


We’re a group of motivated fans that work together to make something great. Compared to other companies, it’s a small group. But we don’t rely on numbers. Each of us has a great talent, something they’re best at. Each of has fills an important role that benefits all of us. And it’s all finished up with our capability to work together.


This, more than the number of people, resources, money or experience is what makes us a team.




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